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    Is Buying a Business in Debt Worth the Risk?

    In today’s uncertain economic climate, making any business decision carries an element of risk. But what if, as an entrepreneur, you’ve set your sights on acquiring a new business? Perhaps a company that is already in debt? Weighing up the pros and cons is a vital step when acquiring any...

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    How to Increase Your Business’ Value in 12 Months

    The time has come for you to part with your business. With your sights firmly set on the horizon, the business you started has run its course and the next venture is now on your mind.   There is more work to be done, however. Implementing an exit strategy takes...

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    Why it helps to know the value of your business

    The market can be a fickle thing, and whether you’re currently running a thriving business that you want to make some money on, or you’ve been having a few issues, it’s not necessarily always the right time to sell. Getting out quickly is one thing, when you finally make the...

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