Why the UK market is viewed as a safe haven

It’s long been considered that UK based businesses are a safe option for investors, and there are a variety of reasons for this. If you’re a UK-based business owner looking for company valuation services, it is imperative that you use a professional company to assist. Gaining an accurate market valuation for your business will put you into a much stronger position when considering a sale of your business and you may be pleasantly surprised with the offers you receive..In fact, Allen and Overy, global law firm, recently conducted research into M&A, and found that in Q3 2014, UK inbound investment was the second most popular choice, following hot on the heels of the US. Here, we take a look at the reasons behind the popularity of UK investment opportunities for both UK based and overseas investors, and find out why the UK market is viewed by investors as a “safe haven”.


The politics


Unlike in some countries, the UK has an extremely stable government, with the least amount of corruption. Ranked higher than Japan, Germany, the US and France, it’s no wonder that many company value calculations are higher for UK based businesses than those based in Europe and beyond.


The taxation situation


When it comes to paying corporate tax, many investors choose to take advantage of the UK’s generous allowances. In addition to this, the higher rate of personal tax at just 40% is the lowest in the European Union. In fact, the government here in the UK has committed itself to providing the most tempting tax breaks in the entire G20.


Stable and regulated


Businesses in the UK are regulated well, giving them stability compared with some other countries, and the regulations are established through consultancy, which can help to improve business potential.


The language


As one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, English is the operating language in many different industries, from aviation to programming. Basing a business in UK means that it will have global appeal.


The workforce


In the UK, the Rigidity of Employment Index is considerably lower than it’s major EU competitors, making it easier to hire new staff here. Add that to the fact that the UK’s educational facilities have the ability to provide graduates with well-respected degrees and you’ll be able to hire new qualified staff easily.

There are of course many other reasons why overseas investors look to buy UK based businesses, but given the points above, it’s really no surprise that business valuation methods that take into account the points above will come up with a higher value in most cases than businesses located outside the UK.