What does 2016 hold for your business?

The UK and global economies hold many predictions for 2016 and some will have a direct impact on the value of your business, but others may affect it only in the smallest of ways.


All eyes are on the economies of the US and China. With the growth rate of China’s economy slowing, the knock on effect could ricochet throughout the world for many years to come.


Closer to home, however, will be what this coming year holds for your business. Will 2016 be the year of change or, will your business continue on the same steady path?




Every business needs to take steady steps forward in terms of growth. It may be that you want this coming year to be the year that your business takes a gigantic leap forward. This can happen as a result of many combining factors but a key influence could be additional investment.

In order to gain the confidence and money of investors, you need to know everything about your business, including its currents value. You may think you already know but hazarding a guess is not good enough in this case. Using a business valuation calculator will either leave you pleasantly surprised, or your grand plans may need scaling back.




Another exciting prospect could be merging with another business or businesses to become a powerful force within a certain market. Again, the use of a company valuation calculator will be simply essential so that no one loses out.

Business valuations take into account all kinds of assets, from the management team and staff, to the market share and so on. It need not be complicated but the financial information provides a clear, objective picture relating to your business.


Exit strategy


In some ways, 2016 may also be the year that you realise the financial wealth of your company or business by bidding it farewell. You may have a new avenue you want to explore or retire from the competitive world of business ownership.

Again, selling your business is about ensuring that you get the best possible price, as well as finding a buyer who will grow and develop the business to even bigger heights. Understanding the value of your business is so much more than assessing what the nuts and bolts are worth.

A business valuation calculator is the tool you need for 2016 (and every year after!). It delivers a clear picture on the wealth of your business and how this will affect activities in the coming year.