H1 2021 experiences record breaking M&A activity

With a surge recorded in both the volumes and total deal values in the UK as well as global transactions in the first 6 months of 2021, confidence has returned amongst acquirers as the M&A industry has demonstrated a buoyant environment post pandemic. This is reinforced by the record-breaking number of completions, resulting in a total deal value of $629.3bn incorporating a sturdy backing from private equity and an increase in overseas transactions.

The technology, financial and healthcare sectors stood out some of the busiest trades in terms of M&A activity. More specifically, $145bn of the total deal value was accredited to the technology sector, with 23% of all deals completed linking to a technology company. Following close behind was the financial sector which cleared $80bn worth of acquisitions in H1 2021, contributing to 13% of the total deal value.

An increase in transactions involving a private equity backer has been another influence on the development of the M&A. The doubling in statistics in comparison to the previous year resulted in a record-breaking first half of this year. Records highlight a notable 67% of private equity deals took place in either the technology, financial or healthcare sectors.

Overall, according to Refinitiv’s Global Mid-Market M&A Review, H1 2021 documented a 59% increase in global transactions, resulting in the most active first six months of a year recorded in over four decades. Q2 2021 in particular showed strong growth, recording an 11% increase on Q1’s total deal values.

With another record of nearly 29,000 deals completions in H1 2021, advancements within the M&A market have been supported by this 30% rise in overall deals, with the UK maintaining interest from both national and international acquirers, with active trade acquirers as well as private equity investors.

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