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Mergers and Acquisitions in September 2019

According to statistics on Zephyr, September has been a busy month in terms of M&A activity. With a 12% increase in deal activity in comparison to August, this month has resulted in 138 transactions taking place. Of these deals, 38 involved an overseas acquirer which is also a 15% increase...

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M&A within the financial services sector H1 2019

Reflecting on the first six months of 2019, the financial services sector has been the most active industry in terms of M&A activity. According to Experian, an increasing number of shares highlighted that the financial sector saw a year-on-year increase in deal activity and also remained the most fruitful source...

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Mergers and Acquisitions in August 2019

August had impressive deal activity throughout the month which resulted in a total of 123 deals taking place. Moreover, 33 of these deals involved an overseas acquiror, which is a 57% increase from the previous month. The largest deal value involved the acquisition of BTG plc by Bravo Bidco Ltd...

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Mergers and Acquisitions in July 2019

With a total number of 135 acquisitions, Zephyr highlights a 36% increase in deal activity in July than compared to the previous month. Additionally, 21 of these transactions involved an overseas acquiror. Other successful acquisitions include: First State Investments UK Holdings Ltd by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation; Chambertin...

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Importance of Small to Medium Enterprises in the UK economy

Small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) play a vital role in supporting the economy as their main contributions include innovation, employment and adaptability. They help to make the UK more competitive and appealing to visitors and investors and, complement diversity, growth and creativity to towns and cities, while playing an...

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